The ocean liners usually leave twice a year: in April / May (from America / Caribbean to Europe) and in September / November (from Europe to the Caribbean / America), although there are departures for other months as well. Some companies make this crossing as a relocation trip, meaning that they cross their ships from one place to another when the summer season in Europe begins or ends. Until a few years ago, Pullmantur did not carry passengers during the crossing (so they say to the crossing of the Atlantic), until they decided to open the trip to the public. Many choose to travel this way since it can be cheaper than taking a plane (in addition to including food during the 15 days journey).

Pullmantur makes several transatlantic routes every year: on its website there are announced trips from the Caribbean to Europe (Santo Domingo to Lisbon in April), from Europe to Brazil and from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean by 2018 (it is best to call them by phone to consult). There are also other cruise companies that travel from South America to Europe, from the United States to Europe, from Brazil to Europe, from Argentina to Europe, among other routes, so the options are several (at the end of the post I leave the links) .
In general, a transatlantic cruise usually lasts between 13 and 16 days. We left from Puerto Limón (Costa Rica), sailed 16 days and made 5 stops: Colón (Panama), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), St. Marteen, Antigua and Madeira (Portugal). The trip ended in Lisbon. From Antigua (last stop in the Caribbean) to Madeira were 7 consecutive days of navigation. Every two nights we had to advance the clock one hour. The stops last a few hours. In general, the ship arrives at the port early in the morning and sets sail in the afternoon. Pullmantur (like other companies that make the same crossing) offers different excursions but we decided to visit the places on our own. The choice will depend on each one: if you want to have everything organized in advance and make good use of the time, it may be convenient to hire a tour. If you prefer to know on your own, then it is not necessary (in all ports there are taxis and transports, and in many cases you can go everywhere walking).

The final price, in the case of Pullmantur, depends on:

– The type of cabin (if it is with or without a window, with or without a balcony, on a floor below or above, among other things)

– The extra services that they hire (already in itself, the ticket includes the cabin, all meals and some drinks, but there are different wristbands that are paid per day and include a wider range of drinks)

– Tips (at the end of the trip you must pay a tip of approximately 150 dollars per person)

Approximate prices: in 2017 we spoke with passengers who told us that they paid 500 dollars + tips (in total per person for the entire trip) for a cabin without windows. Now, from what I see on the web, the prices start at 750 euros / person for an exterior stateroom with a window (anyway, it’s still cheaper than a plane ticket).


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