Still do not know where you are going to travel in summer? Are you still thinking about it and time is falling on you? In the last weeks I have been able to receive dozens of e-mails on the same question. There are really many people who still have not decided on the trip they are going to make this summer. I will try to contribute something, to see if with a few ideas we will solve the matter. First of all I must make it clear that when I talk about traveling in summer I mean the European summer that touches the months of June, July, August and almost all September . Especially in the face of avoiding or taking into account certain destinations where the weather is not the best at this time. As you will see, in this selection of ten places there is everything. Some more expensive and distant, others more at hand, where they fit different budget forks and taking into account that time is really over.
The Alentejo coast by car (or camper)

The Alentejo is in fashion! While the interior part of the region in summer is a real oven, the coast has enough resources to attract people fleeing the crowded beaches of other parts of the peninsula. Along almost two hundred kilometers receiving the Atlantic breeze you can trace a route along the Alentejo coast by car or camper (which you now see a lot in Portugal) to stay to sleep with sea views. Troia, Comporta, Vilanova de Milfontes, the Vicentine route, the Sines of Vasco de Gama, endless Roman ruins, lagoons like San Andrés, ideal for photographing sea birds, the curious Carrasqueira port, the dolphins that go up the Sado river in looking for food and a long list of proposals for those looking for coastline, but without buildings killing the beach and the feeling that there are still summer places like before.
The return to Iceland in two weeks

The star of the last summers is Iceland, and indisputably. And I do not say it just because it is the most wanted destination on this blog in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (in 2018 it is still in the first place), which helps me get an idea, but because its visitor numbers speak for themselves. They practically double from one year to the next. Who knows if it is one of the most shocking scenarios of Game of Thrones, if by the movie of “The secret life of Walter Mitty”, the amount of news about the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano or the role of his selection of soccer in the last championships. I think, rather, that word of mouth has done a lot to tell first-hand one of the most amazing roadtrips that can be done in Europe today. Because not every day you can go around an island with immensity of volcanoes, glaciers, icebergs, fumaroles and flocks of puffins fluttering on the cliffs.
Summer in Iceland is light almost 24 hours a day. A period in which the snow gives a truce to color the fields and mountains of green phosphorus and many of the roads that have remained closed for most of the winter are opened. The circular route in Iceland (the mythical ring road) using a car or motorhome is an excellent way to tour the country. It takes around 10-15 days to do it, although it can be reduced if we focus on the southern part of Iceland, for example, where there is a spectacular amalgam of waterfalls, glaciers, Viking villages like Keldur, the queen of all visits. , the Jökulsárlón lagoon in which icebergs float and ice floes that even reach the beach. If we have less time (something less than a week) an interesting option is to set up Reykjavik, the capital, and make round trips from there.Travel


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