Many doubts assail us when we plan a trip to the United States. From the flights to take, the days that we should rent a car, the itinerary to follow, the necessary documentation to enter the country or the budget without falling into ruin.

I will not fool anyone. Going to the United States requires prior planning that often becomes a nightmare. This is not a trip that enters the circle of those we have been doing for the rest of the world. Here, public transportation between counties and national parks is not important and renting a vehicle takes on a mandatory character. Gone are the spontaneous tracings, having to foresee a minimum logistics that we will have studied with care in our homes.


Depending on the area we want to visit, the vehicle can be a nuisance. If we talk about moving exclusively in cities like Las Vegas, New York or San Francisco, I would directly tell you to forget this idea.

My trip is based exclusively on “Road Trip”, that is, a pure road trip through half the country. Large cities are not excluded, but due to logistical and economic issues, I was more inclined to rent a car in Los Angeles than in San Francisco six days later.

The agencies are numerous with variable prices. The golden advice, is that you do not delay in acquiring a vehicle. Obtaining it four months before your trip can result in a difference of about $ 1000 for 25 days.

It is also recommended that you look closely at the companies and the opinions of the clients. While some offer services for $ 200 less, problems in returns or assistance on roads, may be insufficient. Here that cheap is expensive, is a fact. I chose Alamo, seconded by a range of good reviews and although leaving my current account very poor, I think $ 1270 for 25 days of travel is a more than fair price.
Of course, in such a large country, where mega cities are almost unlimited, a GPS becomes a fundamental tool. It will help you to locate previously booked hotels and to move comfortably without getting lost through the thousands of secondary roads that you will cross. One option is to raise the cost and ask the rental company. They tend to be expensive and to get an idea, if you are going to drive 10 days, go ahead. What exceeds fifteen days, the price you will get for that rent, gives us the opportunity to buy a simple TomTom Start in the United States with updated maps.

Good question. Depending on the company, the obvious lack of professionalism in some, often produce paranoia in the most prudent. Normal that the worry of having an accident and ruining you are present during the whole trip, if you do not have your backs covered well.

In the cradle of capitalism, paying is what you want. I asked and the cost was about $ 10.50 a day, plus $ 4.50, to avoid franchising.

In the same way as GPS, it was viable if the rental period was short, in the insurance too. I hired him in my country of origin, through the same Budgetair.es company, which mediated between the company AXA and me, so that for $ 150, it will be covered almost completely.

The disadvantages of doing so with a non-US company, is that for any mishap, we will have to pay the money and then by means of the corresponding report, the invoices and all kinds of receipts that confirm the damages or robberies, to be able to claim by mail our money contributed previously.


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